Jeff Starwalt
Tuesday, September 12 2017

Dear Parents:

The goal at Lincoln Trail is to achieve high levels of learning for all students. As Lincoln Trail works toward meeting the needs of all of our children, we have a thirty minute instructional block at all grade levels called LEAP (Learning, Excelling, Advancing, and Preparing). Our intent is to provide additional support for students who experience difficulty in reading and enrich and extend the learning for students who do not need the additional reading support. This block will allow us to provide small group instruction to students focusing on extra reading support.

We analyzed test data and classroom progress to determine areas of improvement needed and the focus of small group instruction. The areas of focus for intervention include phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Students identified for intervention are placed in one of these groups. We will collect data on the student’s progress and make changes based on their progress. Our objective is to individualize and meet the unique needs of our students.

Students that do not need the additional reading instruction will participate in extension or enrichment groups. Students assigned to the extension or enrichment group will participate in teacher designed lessons focusing on language arts, science, social studies, or math.

We will pool the talent of our staff at each grade level to provide instruction during LEAP; therefore students may not always work with their homeroom teacher during this thirty minute block of instruction. As we are using the expertise of our many staff members, your child may have a teacher that is not a homeroom teacher. Please note that during the LEAP block all teachers will be focusing on intervention or enrichments activities as described above, regardless of their teaching responsibilities during the rest of the day. Including additional staff allows us to break the intervention groups into smaller numbers. All groups will be reorganized approximately every ten to twelve weeks and students may move between groups. LEAP groups will begin meeting September 18.

You will have the opportunity to talk with your child’s classroom teacher regarding his/her progress in reading or any subject at conferences in October.  However, if you have questions or concerns before then or at any time, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or me.


Jeff Starwalt, Principal